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Brent M. Ardaugh Personal Statement UCLA School of Public Health Degree Objective: MPH I would like to be a leader in the field of epidemiology. I have worked toward this goal by co-authoring an epidemiology course manual with my former professor, publishing articles for both professional and public audiences, and completing advance coursework in epidemiology, statistics, and biology. Some of my objectives for graduate school are to collaborate with UCLA faculty on research projects and to publish information in professional journals as well as public-oriented media types. Moreover, I would like to continue producing classroom resources for epidemiology faculty and students. Together with my former epidemiology professor, Dr. David R. Black, I co-authored a course manual that is currently being used by more than 50 undergraduate and graduate students at Purdue University-West Lafayette. This manual comprises over 650 PowerPoint slides and supplementary materials that introduce students to the basic concepts of epidemiology. Morbidity and mortality, screening tests, study designs, and causation are just a few of the topics discussed within the manual. Dr. Black and I intend to publish this manual for two reasons: to offer students a concise resource that they can use throughout their academic and professional careers and to provide faculty members with a complete “off-the-shelf” lecture series. I have attached sample excerpts from this manual to my application. Writing is a population-based approach to preventing and controlling diseases. In the course of my studies, I published articles in the AMWA Journal, the official publication of the Ardaugh BM, 2 American Medical Writers Association (AMWA). Moreover, I wrote the medical writing resource for the Purdue University Online Writing Lab, a world-renowned instructional Web site for writers seeking
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