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What makes humans behave the way they do? What causes us to make the decisions that we do? Answering these questions in the first instance is as likely as discovering the meaning of life. One must dig deep in order to even begin to comprehend the enormity of the human mind. Psychology is a broad subject that seeks to unravel the mystery of the human brain to provide an understanding of human thought, emotion and behaviour. My interest in Psychology first came about when I did my work experience placement in a care home for the elderly with dementia. As I cajoled an 80 year old woman into eating her bowl of porridge, I began to think about mental health, and by extension, the brain, spurring me to undertake a basic online psychology course in my spare time. Long hours were spent, enthralled, studying the different theories put forward as to why we do certain things, or don’t; delving into the minds of the depressed, the murderous, or the deranged and generally trying to explain the things we do unconsciously, like conform. My passion for the subject has now driven me to pursue a career in psychology. Therefore I have carefully considered the A-Level subjects which would best help me achieve my goal, as well as further my understanding of Psychology. Biology and Chemistry will aid my scientific understanding of the brain and further my knowledge. There is a certain element of maths in psychology in terms of statistics and general calculations, which makes A-Level Mathematics useful. A-Level Psychology is not a requirement for those wishing to study the subject at degree level; however, I wish to study A-Level Psychology so that I may gain a better understanding of the subject, as well as to sate my curiosity. It is my passion that drives me to work hard and ensures a strong sense of commitment. Moreover, during my years in high school, I have accumulated

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