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Personal Statement Prompt #1

  • Submitted by: darealbir
  • on December 2, 2013
  • Category: College Admissions
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“Look, a terrorist!” This was one common example that many people used to describe me because of my ethnicity. In my perspective, I was just a little flower surrounded by monsters. I told myself, “The only way I am going to succeed in life is that I must conquer these monsters.” I view the world I live in as “cruel” because nobody seems to understand that I am just as “normal” as others. I am heavily discriminated and sometimes considered to be different than my environment. Although I live in a world full of negativity, I use my surroundings to help sharpen my dreams.
As a kid growing up in my neighborhood, my life was heavily affected by being and “Arab”. Many people use my background as a source of attention. For instance, when kids told me, “Why did you have to blow up the World Trade Center?” many people laughed. I never showed any emotions, but in the inside I was heart-broken. I never felt any pain greater than the one that I must accept because of my race. I never understood why people always discriminated against my religion, but I told myself, “Their beliefs will not alter my dreams.”
Throughout my life, I felt separated from others. Whenever I use to ask somebody for help, they would always look at me with disgust. Although discrimination is full of negativity, I told myself, “How can a world full of hate be beneficial to me?” At that instance I realized that peoples’ beliefs were only testing me to see whether I would fail or continue to reach success. As it turns out, I am further than I have ever gotten with my life and my independency is making me stronger. I constantly advise myself that, “One day, I will be in a world where none of these monsters will be near me” Hopefully, that dream will come true and I will live in an environment where I am not defined by my ethnicity.
The way I look, the color of my skin, and my accent should not be described with negative comments. Many stereotypes view me with hate, but their actions will not...

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