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Becca’s Closet Spirit of Generosity Scholarship The After School Program’s Leadership and Mentoring class began at McLane High School, and Mr. Arun ordered us to get into groups for a special community service project back in December of 2014. He made us all jot down ideas of what we could do to start helping the community. As soon as he said we were going to be helping, I was excited because the feeling of giving to the community is so much better than receiving. My group and I decided that we wanted to put in extra hours and participate in a variety of community service groups rather than only one. We decided to volunteer at the Poverello house for a month. We also we served coffee to the homeless at tent city every morning for the winter, cleaned up neighborhood parks every Wednesday after school, donated our clothes to those in need, and cleaned off graffiti from the city every Saturday morning. Meanwhile, Mr. Arun was with us every step of the way even though we did more than was required for the project. He inspired us and made our eyes open to reality with this project. Students and adults usually go about our business and don’t even stop to think about the things we could be doing for others. What we see is “I must have” while others see it as “I wish I had”. During that short time of community service that Mr. Arun encouraged us to do, we saw how even the smallest gesture can make such a huge impact on the less fortunate – whether it is food, cleaning up their area, a cup of coffee, or even a smile, their day can be made. After our month and a half ended, Mr. Arun who inspired us to do this one small project, gave us our final evaluation and feedback along with a statement, “Just because the project is done, doesn’t mean you guys have to be, continue this project, and get the entire community involved.” I left his classroom that day with his inspiring

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