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It was late in the evening when I received my sister's call. She sobbed uncontrollably. I pressed my phone firmly against my ear, but I could barely make out her words. I offered words of comfort and waited patiently for her cries to subside. There was a brief moment of silence before she spoke again. Composed, she repeated herself slowly, her words trembling with fear. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I began to grasp the magnitude of her unexpected call—my younger sister was pregnant at 16. My sister's pregnancy defied the strict Nigerian principles upon which we had been raised. Though there was no explicit mention of premarital sex within our family, there was an unspoken understanding that it was taboo. My family and I did not openly discuss sexual issues; my sisters and I were forced to explore this topic on our own. Consequently, when I received the news of my sister's pregnancy, I was completely overwhelmed by a feeling a guilt. I had failed to speak; I had failed to be a source of support during her time of sexual development and curiosity. As a Human Science major, I have always had an interest in health care and the natural sciences. My coursework has allowed me to develop a keen understanding of how disturbances in biological systems can influence one's health. However, I have never fully appreciated the concept of social and environmental influences on health until my sister's pregnancy. I began to further explore this concept in the fall of my junior year during Professor XX's Health Promotion/Disease Prevention course, and it was here that I was introduced to the field of public health. The course required us to perform a needs assessment of the student population based on self-reported health behavior data, and to propose a health promotion program that would successfully target these needs. I was able to apply the principles of the social and

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