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As I have matured as a scientist I have found myself becoming increasingly curious about how physics can explain natural phenomena. Curiosity is the driving force of humanity and the reason why we were never satisfied with looking up at the moon every night but instead were inspired to travel there and observe its surface with our own eyes. The nature of curiosity means that wasn’t enough and it’s why we’ll never be satisfied with what we know about our universe, but instead we always want to learn more. I would like to be a part of that learning and discover more about our universe and its workings; extending the limits of current theories. During my education I have greatly enjoyed and excelled in the sciences, specifically physics. The opportunities and directions one can take in the field of physics are boundless, and I have been drawn to astrophysics in part for its infinite number of unanswered questions. That there is an entire universe – possibly more – filled with life and phenomena that we are yet to even begin to comprehend means that for me, there is no degree or career choice more interesting or more filled with opportunities. The content of my A level Maths and Physics courses and my enjoyment of these subjects has served to reinforce my decision to study astrophysics further at university, as well as the opportunity to recently visit CERN and go and view the CMS experiment whilst the detector was on technical down time. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and has really fuelled my interest in a career continuing in Physics after my university studies. I was selected by the science staff for the role of Science prefect at my school and work in a team with 4 other prefects; functioning as ambassadors between the staff and students to help the Chemistry, Biology and Physics departments to run smoothly and to further their development and

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