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Norvelle A. B. Gattison Personal Statement Adjustment Disorders, Anxiety, Depression and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, are just a fraction of the behavioral health issues experienced by todays military personnel. These disorders and others experienced by our military population has in large influenced my interest and desire to seek a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University. My arrival at the doorstep of Clinical Psychology has been full of twist and turns. As a child I’ve always has an unwavering passion for psychology, be it forensic, clinical, or experimental psychology. When I got older I wanted to explore different cultures so I joined the United States Army. As a soldier and later a Non-Commissioned Officer not only was training soldiers for combat a top priority, but taking care of their needs, welfare, and personal concerns were equally a priority. I would have to conduct monthly performance counseling with each individual soldier assigned to my squad. The soldiers that made up my squad comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds and were multicultural. Some of these soldier’s had grown up in different parts of the United States and others different parts of the world. Not only were these soldiers from diverse backgrounds, but also varied in age difference. I was there to help train them and adjust to military life and in some cases help them to adjust to culturally. As a soldier and leader I gained the trust of my fellow soldiers to the point where they often confided in me personal things that they never told others. Like the United States Army, Psychologists have various patients from different backgrounds and multicultural. Culture is a primary focus for the Army as well as psychology because it often affects our behavior. I was raised in a military environment which was multicultural and diverse. This

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