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Basic structure of your PS (personal statement) Writing a Personal Statement is like writing a very good essay: - it must be well constructed - it must be convincing - it must be balanced & well-thought out - it must be lively, engaging and informative It is a skill which will take several drafts to get correct. In the end, if you see it through, it should/will be a good, finished end-product….. …………………..that will get you an interview and/or an offer. …………………..and that is where the fun starts. The PS should contain 6 distinct paragraphs 1. Introduction * Why do you want to study the course? * Show that you understand the course - eg it’s structure, the 1st year modules etc * Relate the course to world events/current affairs/ your current Unit(s) Academic skills * Particular areas of interest in your current studies * do not list them – only those that you have excelled in with a Merit & Distinction: say why you have enjoyed them * Demonstrate your motivation for studying the Units/subjects with evidence * Any extra qualifications eg linguistic qualifications 1. Reading around the subject * Demonstrate that you have done some reading to further your understanding of the course (either your current course or the one for which you have applied). < we do not mean Computer and Games magazines > * Demonstrate reading around a particular aspect of the course that interests you. * Demonstrate that you have read/are reading journals and/or newspaper articles related to your present course. Extra-curricular experience & skills * Any books of interest you have read? eg you should be able to name the Title & author, genre and why you found it interesting or not. * Trips you have been on < we do not mean

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