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Influenced by my mother, who works in a bank, I have been interested in accounting, banking, investment and insurance since I was a child. When I was in high school, I developed an interest in mathematics and always got high marks in mathematics. Combined my interests in accounting with mathematics, I decided to choose accounting as my major. Not only can I gain future insight in accounting, but also keep track of mathematics. However, I was unable to take accounting as a major in my undergraduate studies because I missed the standard for that topic by a single point in my college entrance examination. I still kept my enthusiasm for accounting. In spare time at college, I read many books related to accounting, banking and insurance, such as Financial War, The Wall Street Journal, The World is Flat etc. Accounting has existed in China for a long time, but in Chinese financial institutions there is a shortage of professional accountant who can analyze and evaluate local companies in investing and personal financing. I hope to graduate as an outstanding student and find a job in Chicago to learn the advanced accounting and finance knowledge. At the same time, I will continue to study till pass the CPA examination which may take three years to complete. After that, I will go back to China and become a professional accountant In this way, not only can I maximize profit for companies and myself, but also I can continue to pursue and develop my interests in accounting and mathematics. In summer of 2008, I began an internship with a bank. I was a statistician who was responsible for recording sales volume of different financial products. As a beginner, I consulted with experienced staff to learn about our customers’ willingness to buy financial products and the characteristics of different financial products. Then I analyzed and summarized the relationship between sales

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