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In the following statement I would like to show my personal purpose and challenges in being a student at the postgraduate programme in International Commercial Law at the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom. I have already a bachelor degree in Law in Thailand and now I like to enlarge my knowledge in international law in combination with knowledge about Trade and Economics. I am very much interested in taking the LLM International Commercial Law Course because due to my visits in foreign countries (United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Belgium, France, Korea) I have developed a strong interest in economic relations between states and furthermore I have experienced the differences in law and perspectives on legal aspects with various lawyers associated with Commercial law. For this regards, it seems to be the perfect step toward my personal career goal (working for international companies in the fields of trade regulations and organizational law) to study at University of Glasgow. In today’s modernized era, English language is one of the most crucial important languages that people use in global business, for studying in the UK it will help me to develop outstanding English skills in academic field. This will help me to pursue my career in International Trade Sector in the future. Furthermore not only academic study that I can achieve but also the life in British higher education is full of various cultures among international students and exciting to explore. The Scotland is a passionate place of culture, where ancient buildings sit alongside ancient monuments. In my opinion, this makes Scotland to be the place of traveling for the purpose of earning an

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