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| Personal Statement | This essay is a short summary of major trials in my life of which I had to overcome. Even though there were many instances that could have stopped or forced me to give up I never did. I found other resorts to remain positive and focused. My life has not been easy but I never made excuse for myself and in the end it paid off. | Personal Statement I vividly remember the day my grandmother got on an airplane to go to America. A journey my favorite aunt would soon take. After they both left, my hometown of Jamaica seemed vacant without them. As my aunt's plane flew away, my mom kneeled down, looked me in my eyes and promised me that the next time we came back to this airport we too would take that same journey to go abroad. Turns out, she was right. The next time we went back to that airport was on February 14, 2001, a month after my 7th birthday. With all of our belongings in our suitcases, we embarked on our journey to this place she called California. Coming to California from Jamaica felt like Alice entering the mystical and enchanted place called Wonderland for the first time. On one hand it was like a fantasy and a fairytale, but on the other it served as a foreshadowed of series of struggles to come. When we first came to California, we had to sleep on the floor and were not able to start school because it was too late in the year. My mom and I really struggled to adjust. And to make matters worse, my grandfather, the person that convinced my mother to move to California was struggling as well. He was unable to support us as much as we thought. Things appeared to get better when my mother met an established and seemingly nice man who appeared to be beneficial to our situation. At first he was kind and funny but that soon changed. As their relationship got more serious it

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