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Personal Statement

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  • on December 3, 2013
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john smith
ERWC/Period 2
September 5, 2013

Personal Statement

When all else fails you decide whether to get up or stay down. I got up and made my failure a success. I was down in the dumps not knowing what I would do with my life after realizing that my goal at the time would be so far out of reach because of how my grades were coming out every time. I did the most responsible thing I could think of and change those goals for myself and continue on my path to success just down a different road. Now I am more motivated than ever.  

I am the youngest of my family. With that being said I currently live with both my mom and dad, my one and only brother is seven years older than me and is moved out and married. My dad has no college experience but he is successful in what he does, he is an engineer at a rubber factory. My mom has some college experience but never got any kind of degree and does home daycare. During my junior year in high school I had a job working as a cashier at taco bell I worked there for over a year. I decided to quit my job as I entered my senior year because I needed to focus on school because I was going to take a lot of leadership responsibilities. I believe I had made the right decision focusing on school.
Throughout my life I have had many experiences that have shaped me to be the way I am today. I look back today on how I was as a child I was completely different and not in a good way I was misbehaved, rude, unwilling to do work, loud, crazy, and annoying. How I was as a child is everything I now get annoyed and pissed off at people now a days. I think that the reason I have changed was due to maturing and joining AFJROTC. They have helped me between learning time management, catching up with my school work, changing my way for the better, and learning about myself as a person. Another experience was looking at my future thinking to myself that there is no way I can possible become a vet now because of how low...

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