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I am a woman from a country with diverse background which is tolerant towards different cultures, multilingual and multiethnic society which has managed to preserve its old traditions but also welcomes all the new customs and traditions. I believe one of my unique characteristics is the diversity of experiences I possess. Born in a family with working parents and growing up in a joint family has taught me how to understand and adjust with people of various characteristics. Since childhood a lot of priority was given to good education & excellence. Hence I was enrolled in a missionary English school, where the stress was always on discipline, integrity, sincerity towards life and extra activities to cultivate ones inner self. I was always interested in communicating with different people, managing and organising. I had an opportunity to work as a co-coordinator of an intercultural festival which took place every year in the school. The whole event had was managed by the group of students of class 12 from deciding the names of different schools to send invitations, interacting with people of various stature for judging various events, to buying gifts and awards, managing students from various schools and their requirements, etc. This event especially taught me how to work with a deadline and within the given budget and most important to work as a team to achieve a common goal. Among others, my favourite hobby is playing su-doku – a logic based puzzle which I feel exercises my mind and hence I play at least a su-doku puzzle everyday the first thing in the morning as I get up. After my schooling in Ahmedabad, I joined the hotel management institute which has been nominated as one of the eight Leading Hotel Schools of the World. At the end of 3 years I was conferred a Diploma from Taj and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Hotel Management from University of

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