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Dolores Altamirano Mrs Szabady English 101 22 September 2010 Escaping the Cocoon Growing up with spanish as my first language was a struggle that I learned to overcome, however writing is still a struggle I face. I think that writing come to well-known writers as by magic touch. The right words just seem to jump down onto their paper and elegant sentences are formed by themselves. All the writer has to do is copy it al down. I regard writing as a gift given to the few. That is why I am too critical and unfair to myself when I judge my own writing. In fact, I believe writing is like escaping a cocoon and finding out what I am capable of creating, challenging my limits because writing, like any skill can be acquired if we are willing to work hard be persistent and patient. My memories are not so clear about learning how to read or write. All I can remember is struggling through the whole process of learning it. Because of my heritage I was taught to speak, read and wright in spanish before any other language. It made learning english difficult for me. I remember my brothers and sister would come home from school speaking english and I would get so mad because I couldn’t understand them. Little did I know, I soon started speak it with them, but of corse it was broken english. I was getting practice and with preschool around the corner I had to learn since it was a requirement to be able to attend. In preschool I learned everything the fun way, by singing, coloring, eating, or playing. Learning the ABC’s song felt like a victory. I would sing It all the time and when the l m n o part came up I would sing off “elemeno” instead. Dr. Suez made me want to read everyday. His book made no sense to me but the picture were the best. I remember reading Green Eggs and Ham one day with my class and our teacher bringing in some green eggs for the class to eat. I was in

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