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Science related subjects interested me long before my school years. Ever since my childhood, travelling through natural wonders in my mother's native country of Morocco, the desire to discover and investigate is one memory that has stuck with me. I believe these early experiences have led to this desire to remain through my school years. My interest has always been in Mathematics and Biology, which I chose to study as two of my A-Level subjects. My interest in Biology came from my fascination with learning the mechanisms of the human body, for example, how the heart or lungs function. When being taught these topics, and others, I am inspired to look into the subject in more depth. The main aspect of Mathematics that engages me is problem solving. Perhaps at the start of the week I face a difficult exercise and am unable to complete, but if by the end of the week I am able to complete the same task with relative ease I acquire a real sense of achievement and I believe this has fuelled my interest in the subject. The opportunity to study these subjects at University truly excites me as it would further my knowledge and understanding. I am currently working on an Extended Project Qualification which I hope to complete by spring next year. The title of my project is 'To Evaluate our Progression of Knowledge of Human DNA' involving combining research and my own knowledge to write an essay. My skills are reflected in my EPQ and it will provide me with an opportunity to develop research and academic skills needed for university, such as the ability to work independently. Through my high school years I was involved in numerous voluntary activities; one of which is the Haslingden High School Arts Council which involved me making decisions about how to improve school facilities. From being in the Arts council I learnt to make quick decisions on policy and strategy and was

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