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Personal Statement Katarina Gamino May 21, 2012 Period 2 My name is Katarina Alexis Gamino, and I have been scared of the outside world for the past sixteen years of my life. People call me the “queen of the wallflowers” because of my soft speaking and inability to keep a conversation going. But, quite frankly this does not bother me. I am proud to be one of the twenty percent of Americans who are dubbed as “introverts”. According to my mother, I am the different one from the flock in my family. Everyone in my family is like rabbit from Winnie the Pooh, loud and temperamental. I on the other hand, am little timid piglet. It is difficult for us wallflowers to be appreciated when we live in a nation that values their extroverts. I grew up in Los Angeles, California. The state where people make a difference. I thought at first that me living there would take years to adapt to. But, living there for eight years did in fact give me the opportunity to be surrounded by diverse groups of people. Living in a society with so many diverse groups has made me more of an open-minded person. Slowly I am gaining confidence and being more accepting on other people’s choices. Living in a society where interacting with people, who are different from me, has made a huge role in my upbringing. I truly believe that by the time it is my senior year I shall be prepared for the college environment. Because of Los Angeles, I have met many people that have different lives yet they are somehow equally connected. I still am going through the waking process of meeting and learning different people from various states in the United States. College will provide me an amazing opportunity to converse with people without

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