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Personal Statement What are collected in this portfolio are materials that I found over the years of experiences and also what has been asked to done as assignments. I make no claim to be comprehensive. I categorized this portfolio into 4 sections; • The first section as you are noticing now is about what this portfolio is all about. Here you will find brief description about each section. • The second section is a sample of Applying for a job; I chose to apply for a computer company since I have many experiences and had achieved many well qualified certificates. I applied for the job as an INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIAN which followed by my complete inclusive résumé and I attached all my taken degrees and international licenses. • In the third section I gathered all the 10 assignments we had been asked to answer. Each one of them has been completely explained and exerted. I prepared many examples for each workout whenever it was needed and fulfilled with details. • Finally in forth section, I listed the complete sources and references which I used to finalize my portfolio. Then I prepared the conclusion part which briefly explain the objectives I gained and the main inferences I obtained by preparation of this portfolio. Again I like to thank Mrs.X for assigning such useful project. While I was working on it there were too many handy delicate notes I learned which I am sure they will help a lot in future. I hope you find this portfolio interesting, agreable and

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