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From a very young age I have been obsessed with speed and design. I have always loved structure and have been trying to fathom how car parts fit together to produce road raging speed and majestic designs. I discovered that the solution to quench my thirst for speed and knowledge was to pursue a career in the motor sport industry. I know that opting for such an education will facilitate a doorway to my dreams. I have always wondered whether my passion for motor sport was emotional or rational, being a Sri Lankan and discovering your program-finding possibility of an internationally recognized career made me realize that it can be rational. This subject specifically draws my attention because it does not only require theory or a basis of firm education but also encourages interests and determination to workout things practically too, which I naturally possess and certain indolent members of education lack. Moreover I feel at ease in understanding the basic principles and theories related to engineering and also my research for rational conclusion provides me with defined analysis of the subject that I study. I have loved physics and math since I was young. As a child mathematics has always fascinated me yet at that time I was never able to grasp the complexities of it. I grew older I found the subject quite understandable and an efficient tool for what I wanted to do. I see 75% of my future dependent on my passion and I’m determined to take on any obstacles to achieve my aspiration. In addition to determination I have the required academic achievements and an above average level of problem solving abilities, which my school recognized by appointing me as the school house captain, vice-captain of the school cricket team, and the secretary of the school English literary association. These offices have not only broadened my horizon and enhanced my analytical skills,

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