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Personal Statement I’m the only child in my family and I’m from Guang Dong, China. I have a broad interests including singing, dancing, playing piano, watching movies, reading, traveling and making friends. I grew up in a business environment where both of my parents are doing international trades between U.S. companies and Chinese companies, that is why I chose international business and marketing as my majors. My parents have showed me how to establish new business and how to grow and expand business in multiple ways. I do think that the business activity in the current world economy is booming at an unbelievable speed, that consumers have come to focus on marketing service and emphasize on customer satisfaction. I believe these two subjects are fundamental principles of successful business. I plan to apply these principles to every business that I initiate. My goal for the future is to become a successful business woman to promote my business around the world. I have some unique personal experiences that others might not have. Both of my parents are very independent and they have a great deal of expectations on me. When I was nine years old they sent me back to my hometown, Nan Chang, China, to live with a teacher and a couple of other students to study at the local school for one semester. My parents wanted me to be independent and be able to handle personal issues. They believe it was a great opportunity to prepare their young loving daughter for the unpredictable future world. When I was sixteen years old they sent me to a small Pacific island country called Palau, not very many people heard about this country, for two years to study in a high school just like the typical high school in the United States. The people in Palau use the U.S currency and speak English in addition to the local language. My parents thought that is a great place

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