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Family curses can be broken! I have and will be proving that. Each generation of my family has become less concerned about education and more concerned about making money by any means. My relatives have dropped out of grade school and high school, and turned to minimum wage jobs, and even other illegal ways of making money. My parents didn’t attend a university. My mother dropped out high school after her sophomore year, and my father never went. Once I got mature enough to realize what was before my eyes, I knew I couldn’t be another statistic—I had to become successful. In my opinion, the only way to become successful is to attend a higher education. My biological father left out of my life when I was 3 years old. Therefore, my mom was a single parent. Not having a high school diploma or college degree, she still did what she could do to provide for me. Sometimes she relied on government assistance. The following year something positive happened: my mom married my step-father. After she married, I felt like I was fed with a silver spoon off of a silver platter. I considered this new man to be my father. They did not instill in me that people should earn things, but instead, they just gave it to me under any circumstances. I always had the mindset I would get anything I wanted. I would ask for things kids should not have been asking: a cell phone, expensive clothing, electronics, etc., and I received them too. As far as being a good child, I was not. In grade school I fought a lot, got bad grades, and disrespected many adults, yet my parents kept rewarding me with things I asked for. I did not want to continue my life in the way it was going—I needed to change myself in a positive way. One of my older cousins felt the need to talk to me about my future plans. I had nothing to tell her. She told me a lot of relevant information, such as, in order to be

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