Personal Responsibility Gen/200 Essay

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Personal Responsibility Personal responsibility is taking responsibility for one’s actions and the impact those actions have on others. According to Brown (2009), “holding persons responsible for their own lives will make them more likely to take personal responsibility and this is good not only for society but also for the moral character of the individuals concerned” (p. 7). Most people don’t realize or won’t admit that we alone have the power to live or lives how we want (Galindo, 2009, p. 230). The choices and decisions one makes will influence their success in all areas of their life, including educational growth and success. Accepting responsibility does not have to be negative. It says a lot about someone’s character and shows that they are willing to step up to the plate. Make a decision that you will not get sucked into the vortex of finger-pointing and blame that pervades our culture (Galindo, 2009, p. 230). Even though it is easier to put off responsibility on others, it is good to accept personal responsibility because it is self-affirming and benefits relationships. A decision has to be made to be accountable for your own behavior and choices. Accepting responsibility is great in the sense that it can demonstrate that you are trustworthy. The people that are honest regardless of the consequences are those to admire. “They are strivers – constantly trying to better themselves and their accomplishments” (Elliot & Dweck, 2007, p. 19). Realizing up front that the result is going to be yours no matter who does what to cause the result, you’ll get better results – because you’ll make better choices (Galindo, 2009, p. 4). If someone is part of a team, accepting responsibility is major. An individual making sure that their portion of work is done for a team project is important but that is not where the buck stops.

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