Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility I understand the definition of personal responsibility means to have accountability and to take ownership of one’s own actions; accept the consequences that come along with it as. We always seem to blame “others” rather than acknowledging our own mistakes. I also believe that personal responsibility reflects on the kind of life you choose to lead and possibly defines the person you become. The relationship between both personal responsibility and college success is the mere fact that it’s YOU who decides on where in life you want to be. The choices you have and the obligations that you stay committed to. For instance, taking care of your family and being able to provide for them. To learn from past mistakes and use it as a tool for future success can be a good tool because it can help you realize what you have done in the past and to help guide you in the right direction in the future. For example, when I first started college after high school I chose to goof off in the classroom or not even show up for my classes because I didn’t know any better. I thought College was just something to brag about. I didn’t have that support back when I was young. I went to a high school that had over 900 high schools students. I didn’t know there was an academic side to attending college other than the fun side of it. I was looking forward to all the fun that everyone talked about, but I had to learn the hard way that college (today) is very important. It was my own actions back then that I had to realize it. After 30 years later, I chose to go back to college because I am tired at working dead end jobs; struggling to make ends meet to provide for my family. I’m tired of having just a “job” rather than a “career.” In my opinion, both have the same effect because both teaches you to how to prioritize your responsibilities and help you get

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