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Personal Responsibility College Success Thomas Vargas 03/14/2013 University of Phoenix In order to be a successful student, a student must have a sense of Personal Responsibility for one’s self. In Personal Responsibility: Why it Matters, Brown explains how Personal Responsibility plays a big role in any college student’s success because it is a self taught lesson that is acquired by learning from ones actions as well as the consequences from that action and understanding how it impacts future success (Brown,2009). By learning to take personal responsibility for your education, college success is possible. Personal responsibility is a skill most needed to succeed in school, because it allows a student to take charge over their own life to grow in different areas of their life whether it is in the classroom or in their work space. When a student has this form of responsibility over their life they must fully understand what is needed as a student to take responsibility for ones owns actions whether they have a positive or negative affect yet still being able to withhold from blaming others or expecting others to complete duties or assignments assigned to the student (Sing,2001). As stated by Dworkin in Personal Responsibility: Why it matters by Brown,(2009) “Though we must all recognize the equal objective importance of the success of a human life, one person has a special and final responsibility for that success – the person whose life it is” (p.7). By following Dworkins words of wisdom, applying this method to any college career would imply to explore those resources such as Tutoring, Study guides, and networking with student groups to gain better understanding of the objective of a course (Brown, 2009). Taking personal responsibility as a student, involves ensuring one's own academic success by taking the necessary steps to achieve academic goals. In

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