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Personal Responsibility Gen/200 February 20, 2014 As an adult, I am responsible for my actions and behavior, whether it's in my home or workplace. I must take charge of my actions by using my values that I have established through my years of growing up. I must maintain reason and authority in completing tasks until the projects are finished. To perform a task responsibly, it gives me a great sense of gratitude and well-being. To achieve personal responsibility, I must hold myself responsible for whatever I am attempting to achieve in my health, family, school and work. My first priority has always been my health and my family. My biggest health problem is not getting enough sleep during the work week then try to make up for it on the weekends. I should be more responsible in getting enough sleep so I can complete tasks I have planned to complete. “Although you can teach yourself to sleep less, you cannot teach yourself to need less sleep. A person's sleep needs are biologically determined. Some people need only six hours a night, others need 10, but for most adults, at least eight hours a night is required to function optimally” (BRODY, 1998, GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP IS CRUCIAL. The Oregonian. Retrieved from, para. 1). As a husband and father, I have the responsibility to establish the foundation for my home. The time I spend with my wife and my two son's is so important to me. My wife of 35 years has had a huge role in my personal responsibility to our family. She has helped me many times overcome difficulties within our family, my health and work. We have raised both our son's on the same principle values as our parents taught us growing up. I would hope the examples I have set for them is playing an important part in their day to day lives. If I can hold true to my values in personal

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