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Personal Responsibility Rough Draft While going to college students have to learn their personal responsibility to college success. First they have to be able to define personal responsibility. After they define personal responsibility they then need to know how personal responsibility is linked to college success. Personal responsibility involves learning the use of good time management skills towards college success. Learning and practicing good study habits also helps you achieve college success. Personal responsibility to me means that an individual is completely responsible for events and circumstances that happen in their life. The choices you make when you start to make decisions in life will affect all areas of your success in life. Personal responsibility is linked to college success in many ways. It is a person’s personal responsibility to attend class and maintain good academic scores. Reading over a syllabus and staying organized for assignments and projects is also someone’s own personal responsibility. Balancing time between school and personal activities is also a personal responsibility. The choices you make towards your college success will affect your outcome of success in college. Good study habits can help you towards your goals for college success. Finding a suitable study place is one good study habit. Everyone is different while they are studying. Some people need complete quiet while others study better while listening to music or the television. Evaluate the best place and preference for yourself. Setting daily goals by planning a study schedule for one week is also good for college success. Make sure the goal is realistic and something you can accomplish within each day. In college there are many more reading assignments so handling those reading assignments effectively will help towards your college success.

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