Personal Responsibility Essay

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We all have responsibilities with different views we must face in life. By taking on and facing our Personal Responsibility is the key to success. Personal Responsibility committing to take care of all personal affairs and being responsible for the out come. When we take charge of our personal responsibilities we create a lot of positive attributes about ourselves as well. I.e when someone may it be in our personal or professional life gives use a project to complete for them. When we accept the project, we are held personally responsible for the outcome for the task at hand. Personal responsibility also builds trustworthy individuals . I state this as a proven fact, based on my own experience, because when we are held responsible people place their trust in us to follow through. When we keep our word and take on our personal responsibilities we create a barrier of positives trust worthy relationships. Along with trust worthy relationships we also shows showmen ship and commitment as well as loyalty ,determination. All proven ingredients to the road of success. All these positive attributes shows and reflects in ones character when they commit to handling their Personal Responsibility. When I decided to continue my education in pursue of my bachelor degree in Business management / Global trading. I was taking personal responsibility of my educational success. It is me personal responsibility to handle all my educational affairs in a timely fashion, there are no excuses!. Showing up! To grow up! As my mother would say in other words. My laptop crashed this week leaving me paralyzed from my courses. All I have to communicate is my iPad which is limited to the Phoenix website . I had to make it my personal responsibility to find a way of completing my all my required assignments while my laptop gets repaired. What I am saying is this, "I am personal

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