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MA3 TRAINER 2000 WORD ESSAY RULES AND REGUALTIONS Good (Morning/Afternoon/Evening), my name is MA3 Trainer and I would like to take this opportunity to emphasize on two of all the rules and regulations that are to be followed as members in the United States Navy, under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. I also would like to stress the importance of not only following these rules, but why, as Master at Arms in the Navy, it is at the highest level of responsibility to enforce such rules to not only set the standard as Naval Personnel, but as representatives of the MA Rating. Enforcing the rules and regulations of the Navy is vital to the operations of the military producing positive outcomes. Without any type of law and order, the job would not be able to get done to best of its ability. The first topic that I would like to discuss is the wearing of earrings for males in the United States Navy. In Accordance with U.S Navy Regulation, earrings are prohibited for male personnel in civilian attire when in a duty status or while in or aboard any ship, craft, or aircraft. Males may not partake in wearing earrings in military vehicles, or within any base or other place under military jurisdiction. They may not be worn while participating in any organized military recreational activity, and are ONLY to be considered appropriate in civilian attire when off duty and outside of any government installation as per the Commanding Officer under Article 7201.2. The wearing of such articles of clothing while on a government installation is prohibited for a number of reasons. It takes away from the idea that we are one solid unit. We operate and carry out missions only when there is unity, and using such items would question such unity, and challenge the primary goal of what the United States Navy is all about. For any mission to even have a chance of becoming

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