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Personal Responsibility Personal Responsibility Personal Responsibility is important because without accountability and responsibility your life can become chaotic and make it hard for you to be successful, personally and academically. Personal responsibility is something that you can use in the classroom and in life that can aid you in all aspects of your life, professionally, academically, and personally. To define personal responsibility you first must look at the two words separately, “responsibility” means to be reliable, dependable, and to have integrity. “Personal” means to one self, to own. Therefore, personal responsibility means to be reliable, dependable, and have integrity, to one self. This is important because you must have personal responsibility for yourself as well as the responsibility you must have to succeed in school individually and in a team environment as it relates to academics and the “Global Workforce.” In order for you to have success in college you must have the responsibility to want to succeed and come up with a plan to reach your goals. If you do not take personal responsibility for your actions you will not have goals and a plan in place to aid in your success. The Association of American Colleges and Universities conducted surveys at 23 institutions of more than 23,000 undergraduate students and what they found was that when asked about the 5 dimensions of personal and social responsibility “(1) striving for excellence; (2) cultivating personal and academic integrity; (3) Contributing to a larger community; (4) taking seriously the perspectives of others; and (5) developing competence in ethical and moral reasoning.” (Associates, May2008) “More than 50% of the respondents said they “strongly agree” that each of the five dimensions should be a major focus at their institutions. When the “strongly agree” and “agree

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