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Personal Responsibility: The Key to College Success. Kera Moore GEN200 January 23rd, 2012 Allisha Moss Personal Responsibility: The Key to College Success. Even though many work skills are needed, personal responsibility is a necessity with reference to ensuring college success because it is one’s duty to take responsibility for one’s actions and to ensure one maintains sound character and conduct. These are believed to be the main ingredients in a successful future. One should be held responsible for one’s virtue, dedication, and attitude toward furthering one’s education successfully. Personal responsibility is not something that one can give to someone to do; it has to be done for oneself. It is something that needs to be learned but it is not that of which can be taught. Personal responsibility is an obligation to oneself. One should take responsibility for one’s actions and accept the consequences or rewards that come from those actions. Also being accountable for the degree and level of one’s health, wealth, happiness, and one’s success in education, is characteristics of taking personal responsibilities for one’s actions. This is why personal responsibility is necessary to ensure college success. Many students become successful through mastering skills of handling responsibility, for example time management. Once a skill such as this is mastered, it becomes much easier to handle an assignment, and balance it with personal life. Personal responsibility is a virtue that should apply to one’s thoughts, feelings, and their actions. One is responsible for the choices they make. Also, one is responsible for the way they think and feel because it is their life, and only they can be in control of their own lives. It is true that at certain times they are not in control of certain events that can occur, but they are responsible for the ways in which they

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