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Personal Responsibility and College Success Shanika S. Whiters GEN 200 November 21, 2011 Lisa Stepp Personal Responsibility and College Success I have evaluated what is important in my life and realized that my career choice requires me to further my education. I am a professional driver working in the transportation industry. The odds are against me because I am a minority and I am a female. This industry has been dominated by men for many years. Currently, there are about three-hundred-thousand female professional drivers. There are less than five-percent of those women who own a trucking business, and less than one-percent who have achieved recognition by the transportation industry. But I am remaining focused for my true reasons for taking this career path. Even though furthering my education will be time consuming and cause sleepiness nights, personal responsibility and college success takes a strong motivation in being accountable for my own destiny. Prioritizing is an important part of objectively stimulate the intellectual capacity and capability in order to achieving my purpose. Every day we are making choices to better our lives as well as our families. Taking on major responsibilities and organizing goals helps to identify what duties are important in life. Vaccaro states (1999-2000), “an adaptive individual is one who is able to refocus the mind in new directions and make choices based on his or her desired outcomes” (1999-2000). Being able to adapt to change strengthens character and disposition. Developing a positive attitude, being mentally prepared, planning ahead and knowing what you want before you begin your journey are all a part of taking ownership. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with life’s circumstances and some situations are beyond our control, but we can control how we respond to situations to achieve a better

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