Personal Response to an Inspector Calls

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Personal response to An Inspector Calls The ‘An Inspector Calls’ play was a very intriguing and interesting play in my perspective. The play was set in 1912. In that era, women were not granted equality and people were split up into different social classes such as the working class. At the start of the play, a rich family sits around a table, having just enjoyed a satisfying dinner and the maid clears the table. The scene sets the expectation that this was going to be a family drama or a comedy and the focus will be on this happy family environment. Yet, the play undergoes a subtle shift in mood and tone and turns out to be something a lot more serious. It was about how a working-class girl had committed suicide and how each member of the family had contributed to her demise. Priestley’s play had definitely enhanced my understanding of equality and social responsibility. Having read both the book and watched the play, it was fair for me say that Priestley had portrayed his message well. In my opinion, Priestley’s voice had assumed the role of the inspector who was a socialist. The Birlings were capitalists. Mr. Birling believed in the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The main social message is that people should be able to feel equal. So the Birlings would be no better than Eva Smith. Priestley uses the Inspector to point out what is wrong with the way the family thinks. Throughout the play the audience is made to empathize with the girl and is made to dislike the Birling family. Therefore, Priestley gets his message across by showing the audience how the Birlings way of thinking can hurt people. There were some aspects in the play that really captured my attention. One such aspect was the sound and music. The music can set the mood of the play as well as build suspense. Without the background music, anyone watching a scene unfold will not be able
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