Personal Response To Taliban By Ahmed Rashid Essay

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When I finished reading the book Taliban by Ahmed Rashid, I found myself conflicted about my feelings toward the issues it raised. In the beginning, I felt myself becoming connected with some of the Taliban’s ideology and reasoning. However, as soon as I would become personally linked to one of their arguments, they would come out with new restrictions that I didn’t agree with and contradicted their own arguments. For example, the Taliban started out by freeing the Afghan people from cruel warlords. However, once they had gained control of other provinces they began to implement restrictions that became harsher and harsher, eventually resembling those of the original warlords and taking on the mentality of the ends justifying the means. I approved of the Taliban and their mission at the outset. The cause seemed noble and necessary to end the violence and injustices perpetrated by the various warlords in control around the country. Once they had advanced and taken over cities such as Kabul, I did not agree with their implementation of Sharia Law and their decrees, especially in regards to women. It is one thing to have women wear concealing clothes because of religion, but to have them not leave their homes at all? “Women you should not step outside your residence…If women are going outside with fashionable, ornamental, tight and charming clothes to show themselves, they will be cursed by the Islamic Sharia and should never expect to go to heaven.” (Taliban, pg 217) On the other hand it is entirely different, and unjust, to prohibit women’s education through the closing of schools. Along with this, the restrictions placed upon women seeking healthcare were ridiculous. “In June the Taliban stopped all women from attending general hospitals.” (Taliban, pg 71) Overall, I viewed their attitude towards women as offensive. I found their massacres of towns in

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