Song Analysis: The A Team

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- I really loved the way the writer Ed Sheran wrote the song called the A Team. The song is about a young girl who becomes a prostitute and gets beaten up. She takes drugs and ends up passing away. The song lyrics are so meaning full and deep. The first time I heard the song I got all sad and teary because I know what it’s like to have someone close to you hooked on drugs and it is hard to get out. Every lyric of the song meant something to someone out there who knows exactly what the girl in the video is on. The Music Video shows that the young girl really wanted to get out of the mess she was in but she couldn’t. - The first Verse “White lips pale face breathing in the snowflakes burnt lungs, sour taste. Lights gone days end, struggling to pay rent long nights, strange men” is showing that she…show more content…
The Third Verse shows that she has ripped gloves as she has no money to buy nice things. In the Music Video she is wearing a raincoat in the pouring rain which symbolises her sadness. I reckon Ed Sheran is trying to show that she is drowning with bad things in her life and that she is trying to stay afloat and overcome her addiction but she just keeps getting pulled back into her same old routine. She only has loose change and she keeps on getting bank notes which I am thinking is bills that she cannot pay, so she is getting sick and tired. I think she has weary eyes because all she seems to be doing is crying and she has a dry throat because she is smoking cocaine which makes her get the effect of having a dry throat. I really feel for this girl. I think that she must have lost her family and friends down the road of her addiction. She must’ve pushed them away for her to have nobody. All the men she sleeps with don’t think anything good of her and I think they just see her as some prostitute who has no
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