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Good morning to Miss Wong and my beloved course mates. Ladies and gentlemen, today, I would like to have this opportunity to share our story, “The cat who pretended to be a university professor”. Once my partner, Sing Jie and I saw this title “The cat who pretended to be a university professor”, we were attracted by it so we decided to choose this story although we did not know what the story was talking about. This story is a folk tale of Burma, talking about a sly cat came to a forest and it did exactly like the title, pretended himself to be a university professor. Do you know why the cat wanted to pretend to be a professor? He liked to eat meat. Before he came to the forest, he was trying to steal the meat inside a narrow neck pot but unfortunately, his neck got stuck by the narrow neck of the pot. His master was so angry. He took a stick and wanted to hit the cat. However, he hit the pot instead of the cat. The pot broke and left the rim of the pot around the cat’s neck. That was why the cat ran away to the forest, to escape his master and mistress. There are four animal families in the forest, which are wild ducks, water fowls, crows and pheasants. They trusted the cat who was the real professor and they were so excited for the present of the cat. They sent their children to the cat to be educated but they were actually giving the opportunity to the cat to eat them. At last, the cat’s motive was found. While they were catching the cat, the cat jumped into the stream and was drowned. That’s the story. We are human being. Do you agree that all of us will have something we like and also something we don’t like? Like the cat, he liked to eat meat and his mistress cooked meat every day. How if he appreciated the portion given by his mistress, every day felt satisfying with the meals and hoping for the next day’s one? Do you think that he still needed to be

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