Personal Responsability Essay

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Personal Responsibility Personal responsibility means have the ability to take care of your actions, accept the consequences that come with those acts and understand that those actions affect the people around you. Being responsible is one of the most important things for college success. The responsibility that you apply in your education will define the success of it. This is why it is very important to be organized. For example, make an assignment and be sure that is submitted on time, be on time for class, and other actions that can be defined as responsible choices. If a person is not responsible, there are no probabilities to be successful in college. One of the biggest problems for most persons is managing their time. When people have family, work, and college at the same time it is difficult to have some time for study or make an assignment. Sometimes they feel like it is too hard to make it, with a little more time for time management it would be easier to manage more than one task at a time. The key for a successful time management is making a plan for every day, make a list that have at the top the most important thing and at the bottom the less important. Create an agenda for the appointments, important dates and assignments and be organized and asses priorities. In conclusion being responsible is a very important task if you want to be able to enjoy a good career and have security for the family. Responsibility comes with all the decisions that you have to take every day and will determine the balance of your life. The success in all the things that you have in mind and want to accomplish would be determined by how you manage your time and how responsible you become. References Wendy Hearn Coaching. (1999). Retrieved from Key Organization System. (2000). Retrieved

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