Personal Reponse On Sexual Identity

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This paper discusses the topics covered in class and how they apply to my life. I will analyze sexual decision making and sexual value as it relates personal experiences. I will also discuss the historical perspectives on sexuality, gender identity, attraction, love and sexual dysfunction. Sexual decision making and sexual value is important because it allows a person to understand what they want in life with regards to sexual preference. The historical perspectives talks about how people viewed gay lifestyle and what they think is acceptable. Gender identity explains how a person articulates gender roles and the influence this chosen identity. I will discuss how attraction and loves plays a part in my relationship along with sexual dysfunction. There are several key elements that have influenced my sexual identity, and with this paper I will use the information obtained in class to better express how I chose that identity. Before this course I more closely identified with the situational ethics value system. I’ve always maintained the position that discretion should be used based on the particular situation. For example, I believe that sex is an act deemed sacred for two people in marriage. However, marriage between people of the same sex is in many instances impossible. This is a situation that would change my belief that sex should only be between those who are married. Situational ethics requires critical thinking because you must analyze the situation thoroughly before making a decision. This course has enlightened me in many areas of sex education. However, the course has not managed to change my views and values regarding sexual decision making. I maintain the stance that discretion based on the situation should be used when making sexual decisions. I do not think there has been a change in role in my critical thinking for sexual decision making
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