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Personal Reflection Paper Personal Reflection Paper HUM/114 Thinking is a very important skill. We have to think every time we make a decision in our lives. There are six stages in critical thinking. The six stages are unreflective thinker, challenged thinker, beginning thinker, practicing thinker, advanced thinker, and master thinker. Which thinker best describe you? You can easily go from one stage to another stage once you enhance your thinking skills. Critical thinking is your own opinion but you have to think outside the box to get answers. There is no right or wrong answers in critical thinking but you have to go beyond your reasonable doubt and come up with your own logical answers. Critical thinking is a good way to believe in yourself and people around you. You can tell the real from the fake when using your critical thinking skills. The first significant thing that I have learned about critical thinking during this course is that there are six stages of critical thinking. I never knew that you could be at different levels in your thinking. I always knew that everybody was their own person and had their own mind. No one is alike. The second significant thing about critical thinking is that you learn how to identify an issue and a problem. An issue is something that you have going and cannot handle it. A problem is something that occurred in your life and you need help to resolve the situation. The third significant thing I found out about critical thinking is that there are nine strategies you can use for everyday life. When I first start exploring critical thinking I was a beginning thinker. A beginning thinker to me is a person who realize there problems and what they are facing but just cannot find a way to solve them. I think I have moved to the practicing thinker because I have learned to solve my problems in a systematic

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