Personal Reflection of Environmental Sustainability Strategy

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I used to associate sustainability with the housing industry as I first heard of the term of “sustainability” from some successful marketing cases of “green architecture” in my country. Then I tended to believe that sustainability plays an important role either in present time or in the near future in terms of product and marketing strategic consideration; however, after the first lecture of the module, my perception has shifted to a much more vital and bigger perspective that would both affect the global environment and industries. The concept of eco-friendly seems obvious another explanation of sustainability though it is simply one of the issues, yet this assumption relies on the studies through all the lectures I have been taking. For giving more consoled personal reflection on sustainability, the following lecture aims are the assessment criteria for reviewing my learning outcomes, and providing critiques on certain aspects, in different scenario, such as home, work, commuting and consumerism. * Define sustainability * Review the environmental implications of modern industrialism * Review personal purchase experience and ethic behaviour Home As I began to think about my own sustainability ethic, I started to review my own behaviour at home first. Saving money by turning the light off when you do not need it is probably the first idea of doing something sustainably that my grandmother taught when I was a kid. Then my mother also taught me not to waste water for saving money when we wash dishes. Although the idea initially was to save cost of living, the actions we started were saving the environmental resources as well. In school, we learned how to categorize our trash for doing the waste recycle, and this is still the main topic and principle we follow all these years. Our government even came up a policy in main cities that we need to pay

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