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Personal Preferences Essay

  • Submitted by: tsanders72
  • on October 25, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Individual Communicating for Distance Education
Part 1:
Hello Family,
I wanted all of you to know that I was in a minor car accident on yesterday.   I don’t want any of you to worry, I’m fine.   There was no need for me to go to the hospital, but my car has a big dent on the right from fender that is causing my wheel to scrub against it.   I’m thankful that it wasn’t bad, it could have been worse.   The other driver is also okay, we have exchanged insurance information.   Also, the police did complete an accident report.   Well, I didn’t want the word to spread and you all had to hear it on the streets; so I had to let you know.   Talk to you all later.
Love Tara

To Whom It May Concern:
On October 20, 2013, my Nissan Altima was struck because of another motorist running a stop sign.   The front right fender of my car sustained minor damage, but the wheel is stuck under the finder.   The police report shows that the other driver was at fault, and he also received a ticket for running the stop sign.   I have gotten an estimate for my car showing $1500.00 in damages.   I wasn’t hurt and didn’t have any bruises to my body, but my car isn’t drivable.   As a result of being unable to drive, I have missed a couple days of work.   I’m requesting that my claim be processed as soon as possible and I will be in touch within a couple of days to check status on my claim.
Tara Sanders

Part 2:
Anthony I’m not sure if you understand how important tone is when communicating in class forums.   It’s very important to use inclusive language when communicating in class forums, because this is where your instructor and classmates will communicate.   When you’re online classmates can only see what you’re writing and not what you’re expressing or what your reactions are.   There are a couple of pointers that I use for myself within my online forum that I will share with you.   First, always communicate by using their full name, first or last name or by their title.   For example,...

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