Personal Plan for Success

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Personal Plan for Success Gordon Casey Jr. US/101 July 12, 2014 Personal Plan for Success I know that in order to be successful in personal and professional areas that I need a plan for success. I have to look at different sections such as my support resources, motivation, career competencies, learning goals, ethical decisions, time and stress management, SMART goals, and writing skills. In looking at these one by one and creating a plan, they will lead me to success in my lifestyle. What support resources are available to you and how will you use them? I have many resources that are available for my success in graduation, continued education, and my career. The resources that I have available to me are my family, my academic advisor, the alumni network for mentoring, my finance advisor, enrollment counselor, and other classmates. I will use these resources when I seem to feel negative and need a pick me up, have questions about my loans, have questions about my classes, etc. I know that in using these resources it will help me toward my academic goals. How will you stay motivated? Staying motivated is needed when trying to achieve a higher education., I will stay motivated by eliminating distractions, set my goals reachable, make sure that my short term goals lead to my long-term goals, stay focused, track my progress, and take the needed breaks. I know that staying motivated is important to my success. What steps will you take to improve career competencies? I can improve my weaknesses with career competencies by continuing to work on them. In continuing to use my strengths, I can also improve weaknesses. If I make a list of my weaknesses and the skills needed to improve them, I can take workshops related to the competencies and improve them. How will you apply the university learning goals in the classroom and the
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