Personal Pilgrimage Essay

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Personal Pilgrimage By: Morgan Porth Throughout my life I have been on a journey, the journey of life. On this journey I have had many experiences that have helped me become who I am today. Looking back on certain memories, I remember how big and important they seemed to my journey but now I see that most were minor speed bumps that only slowed me down a little from where I am headed. I look forward to the halfway point when I’m a successful Orthopedic Surgeon with a beautiful family and living a happy life filled with the best people. For now I flashback on the things that have brought me this far in my endless journey. So many people have influenced my life in different ways. From the crazy friends that I have grown up with and now consider family to the immature boys who I thought I loved, but broke my heart, they all will have an everlasting influence on my life. In elementary school, I met Chelsea Phillips. She was my first best friend; I was so upset when she had to move. I joined a soccer team for the first time and realized it would be what I stuck with for years and then join the school team in high school. In middle school when a close friend, Daniel Dixon, passed away from a fatal car accident I thought I would never be the same. When I got put into the accelerated classes which would change my life forever because it would be put on my transcript and would allow me the chance to get into the very best schools in the state; when this happened Brandy Hamiter and Savannah Martoi became my best friends. Then in High School, a big group of people spent their whole week trying to beat the seniors at most school spirit. Not to mention the many Saturdays I have spent with the band at different band competitions. In my junior year of high school I became Drum Major of the band and it helped me grow up and be more outgoing. The first year I was drum major the

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