Personal Philosophy of School Leadership

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Personal Philosophy of School Leadership Personal Philosophy of School Leadership EDA-551 Amy Thompson Grand Canyon University April 16, 2015 Personal Philosophy of School Leadership I would define my leadership philosophy as a collaborative leader. The goal of a collaborative leader would be to take a strong approach to the responsibility that the district has given to you and to form a collaborative team that have a shared mission. The first step to having positive outcomes of collaborative leadership is to practice relationship management (Rubin 2002). Relationship management is essential in forming strong communication ties among the collaborative groups as well as establishing organization and structure. There are two types of collaboration styles that can be utilized by a school leader. The first style is itinerant collaboration, which is for short term projects. The itinerant collaboration teams are developed and are together for a given amount of time in order to achieve a specific goal. These groups have unique problems that usually call for quick responses and solutions. Itinerant collaboration groups provide positive aspects, such as forming personal relationships with school leadership and their colleagues that are involved in the group. Sustained collaboration would be most beneficial because they are going to ongoing interactions that have been adequately planned and established in a management plan. Sustained collaboration unlike itinerant collaboration have long term goes that are more flexible that itinerant collaboration. The sole purpose of utilizing sustained collaboration is to move an agenda ahead more effectively. Sustained collaboration has many positive points and the most prominent would be that it promotes a shared vision, goals and relationships. As a collaborative leader the goal is to organize and

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