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APPENDIX B: Self Awareness to Professional Development Assignment Due: Week 9 (hard copy to instructor at beginning of class and submit to turnitin) Purpose of Assignment: To develop a personal philosophy of nursing and through this self-awareness, identify how to advance your own professional development as a nursing student. Overview: This is a 3 page assignment where you articulate your personal philosophy of nursing, discuss the values that underpin it and the creative outcome that reflects these. Key Components of a Personal Philosophy of Nursing Statement A personal philosophy of nursing is a statement of one’s own personal values, values related to society, professional nursing values, and school of nursing values (Denehy, 2001). Instructions: • Participate in journal writing in week 1 to week 7 in class. • Questions will be provided by the instructor in class to guide your journal writing (these questions are REQUIRED FOR THE ASSIGMENT). These questions will NOT be posted on Blackboard or WebCT. These questions will assist you in self-awareness and professional development and help you to complete the written components including the final creative piece. If a situation arises during the semester that results in your absence from class, you must email the instructor within 3 working days of the class to discuss the questions that were provided and the journal writing activity. • You will participate in a creative process to increase your awareness of self, your personal values and how these fit with your professional development as a nursing student: o In week 2, you will bring in an object that represents your own personal values o As part of your final assignment, you will construct a final creative piece of work that communicates something about your personal philosophy of nursing and professional

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