Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Kei'Shia C. Bowers, RN
NUR 391
July 26, 2010
Sandra Ulmer, RN, PHN, MSN

Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Webster’s Dictionary online defines philosophy as (1) “the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct”, (5) “a system of principles for guidance in practical affairs.” The word “philosophy” originates from the Greek philosophia, which means “love of knowledge, wisdom.” Nursing was not the career choice right out of high school because my desire for monetary gain spoke volumes more than my love for helping people. A length of time passed before I gained the wisdom to identify what my purpose here on Earth was. As a high school graduate I was into whatever career could make me the wealthiest. Maturity set in and I was wise enough to realize that monetary wealth does not guarantee happiness. I found an inner peace, an inner joy and a larger sense of self-worth when I devoted my time and attention to pursuing my nursing career, caring for my patients and eventually completing my Registered Nurse education. My own practice as a Nurse concentrating on the geriatric population originates from a desire to see the elderly have a genuine quality of life until death. My personal experiences with others in my family who suffered with debilitating illnesses helped me to shape my personal nursing philosophy.
My Personal Nursing Philosophy is drawn from several sources; Biblical scripture, personal morals and beliefs, and genuine care, and concern for the human race. In my career as a nurse, proof exists that when any of these three elements are missing, my worth as a nurse is decreases and my efforts to change lives positively on a daily basis are meaningless according to my standards.
The Bible teaches to love one another as God loved us. In the Christian faith there are many

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