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Personal Philosophy In my own opinion I never really thought that I had a philosophy. So writing this paper seemed to be an impossible feat for me. I first decided to try out an online test of what my philosophy was. Though at times these tests could prove to be inaccurate it gave me the philosophy of Hedonism. Hedonism derives from the Greek word of delight. So in Hedonism everything you do is for your own pleasure. I thought that this seems a little bit like me. “All work, and no fun make’s Jack a dull boy.” I had always liked this quote, because I think it is true. You have to find a balance between your work and pleasure life. Little did I know I had been filled with my own philosophy since I was a child. One of the first things that you learn when your parents let you loose is that you should not take things that do not belong to you. In learning this you know right from wrong. It is your own choice to either follow this path or stray from it. These little teaching from a young age shapes everyone to what they have the potential to be in the future. I also like some of the commandments said in the Ten Commandments. Like honoring your mother and father. This is another example of something that I was taught as a child. Do not do anything that will shame your parents. Even though at the small adolescent age I did not really think of the things I would do as a child. Now since I am older and able to reflect on the past I think, “Damn that was such I dumb thing I did back then.” One simple rule “Thou shalt not kill,” another one of the Ten Commandments. You would think that this would be simple enough. I really don’t get how people can turn out to be murderers. I know that people aren’t born with this factor in them. Everyone has the ability to kill. It is your own choice to use that or not. I guess that if you were pushed far enough you might be

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