Personal Perception of Organized Crime

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Personal Perception of Organized Crime Georgette Heisterman CJA/384 June 25, 2012 Sherryl West Personal Perception of Organized Crime Defining Organized Crime Organized crime is illegal behavior intentional and carried out by groups of people in a very systematic fashion. An example of organized crime that most likely jumps into everyone's minds automatically is the activities of money laundering done by the Italian mafia. In today's recent times society has come to know that organized crime comes in many forms other than the traditional mob or mafia individuals see on television. Since 9/11 society has come into contact with many other forms of organized crime such terrorists that pose a direct threat to our country and are not concomitant with organized crime only for the easy money and profits. According to, Federal Bureau of Investigation (2012), “It isn’t easily measured, but we know it’s significant. Organized crime rings manipulate and monopolize financial markets, traditional institutions like labor unions, and legitimate industries like construction and trash hauling. They bring drugs into our cities and raise the level of violence in our communities by buying off corrupt officials and using graft, extortion, intimidation, and murder to maintain their operations. Their underground businesses including prostitution and human trafficking they reek misery nationally and globally. They also con us out of millions each year through various stock frauds and financial scams. The economic impact alone is staggering, it’s estimated that global organized crime reaps illegal profits of around $1 trillion per year” (Organized Crime). Individual Perception Compared to Original Definition The definition of organized crime varies from agency to agency and from federal to state. The text defines organized crime as a group containing at least three people, the

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