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MY ODYSSEY In my life I found myself asking questions like, Is their another universe? Why are so many innocent people dying? where did music come from?. The more question I ask, the more I realize that their may never be an answered. It was throughout the course of many years that I learned that acquiring an answer to an issue doesn't necessarily solve. It was the matter of self maturity and the growth of the inner being that helped all my questions make sense. Those are the factors that played the biggest role in helping my personal odyssey move. Is there another universe?, I don't know. But not knowing the answer to that question doesn't change a thing. That is exactly what stops our odyssey, when we demand answers instantly and refuse to move on, it's like a timeline that with one date all throughout. When we look at how a child develops or evolves into an adult, do they instantly know everything?, the answer is NO. It is the same with us, we may have a question that we don't have an answer to now, but later in our personal journey will acquire. Don't let silly questions stop you odyssey. When we look into history we find that it repeats itself. Tragic events recur daily. Is…show more content…
I felt like I was learning a new language and didn't realize that music was a language. As I was only beginning to learn to play guitar I found my self asking questions about notes and how sounds were created. Many times I was told that music can't be understood or ever concord. That was when I found myself in an odyssey, on a life long learning journey. I didn't see that learning was an ongoing growth and an overtime achievement, instead of asking questions and stopping after every few steps, why not move forward and see if my old questions get answered on their own? All these questions were irrelevant to what was important and completely aside of my main goal, to learn to play

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