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Running head: PERSONAL NURSING ETHICS Personal Nursing Ethics Blessy Rajan Grand Canyon University Ethical Decision Making in Health Care NRS-437V Sandi Coufal June 30, 2012 Personal Nursing Ethics Introduction A professional moral compass is an inner tool like the conscious that guides individuals on how they should behave in professional settings. An individual’s personal, cultural, and spiritual values are influenced by their worldviews and philosophies in nursing practice. When the personal values of an individual conflicts with duties of his or her practice, an ethical dilemma arises. Ethical dilemmas are often found in the nursing profession. Consideration of personal ethics that is driven by passion, motivation, inspiration and loyalty gives guidance to one’s professional moral compass. My Nursing Ethic Being born and brought up in India under the auspice of a Christian Pentecostal family, I have been instilled with values that are with me to this day. These values contribute to my worldview and philosophy of nursing. Integrity and respect for others are my main concerns in keeping ethical standards with my nursing practice. I have maintained my passion to help and care for others ever since graduating from nursing school and working as a nurse for the past 15 years. My main motivation and inspiration stems from the love that has been given to me by my parents and my God. In light of the fact that my employer has given me obligations to fulfill for that I am loyal to, my practice and actions are under the watchful eyes of the Almighty God. It is this fact that keeps my integrity to serve and care to the best of my ability. Ethics, Morals, and Values in context to Nursing Practice Nursing ethics provide the insight to the values and ethical principles governing nursing practice, conduct, and relationships. The Code of Ethics for Nurses adopted

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