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It was the moment my wrestling team and I had been waiting for: we had to defeat our rivals KMS. We were ready. All the practices, all the blood, all the sweat and tears were on the line for the trip to the state tournament. It was a no holds-barred battle, and we were determined to come out on top. As the dual progressed my team wrestled with purpose, passion and power. Finally, it was my turn to step out on that mat and put to work all my physical and mental preparation. The fans were roaring with excitement, the gym was full of supporters, my mind was racing and my heart was pounding. A moment of self-doubt overtook me: one mistake and all my dedication and drive would not pay off and I would let my team and school down. As the match began my mind was blank for the entirety of the first period and I relied on my body to do what it was trained to do. By the time the second period began I was collected and therefore, my mind and body synchronized to make me perform at an extraordinary level. I was unstoppable! My hands found each other as my opponent hit his back, SLAP, the referee hit the mat to signal that I had pinned my opponent and won the match. I rose from my knees and thrust my hand…show more content…
During the numerous hours of practice I endured this connection was detectable. After weeks of eating minimal amounts of food and exerting great amounts of energy to reach the weight I wrestled at, I was both mentally and physically exhausted. Fortunately, when my body was weak my mind pushed it to go harder with the reminder of how badly I wanted to be a successful wrestler and when my mind was feeble my body kept performing. The importance of the mind-body connection is immense. It pushed me to practice harder, become both mentally and physically tougher and perform at athletic levels I did not know I was capable of

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