Personal Narrative: Working At The Crestview Assisted Living Center

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Ssp was a good experience for me, and was very good for everybody that was effected by it. Over the past two weeks I have been working at the crestview assisted living center. I have many different things and stories that I have learned from many different people and experiences there. I also even had a sad story to tell about. There was a man who was told that he only had a certain amount of time to live and was stuck in his room a lot of the time because he couldn't walk that well. Our director told us to spend some time with him and do anything for him so we did. As soon as we walked in, a big smile was filed to his face because he usually doesn't have lots of company. While we were there he told us about him growing up and working with…show more content…
There was always only one lady that did everything and couldn't get to everything, and since Andrew and I were there, she said we did about triple the amount of work that she was able to do in about a month. Everyone loved us there and enjoyed having is there, expect a couple of people started not to like us because we always won in bingo and they would yell at us to leave. Minus all that I had a pretty good time helping out and help change people's lives there. CST tells us that we should come together and help one another as Christians and I feel that we did that. I also feel that I gave Vianney a great name by helping everyone out there and doing good things for the community. I ended up visiting my grandma at the home today, and as soon as I walked in everyone said hi and that they missed me working there and wish that I could have stayed. Even when I went to see my grandma, she says that she got many compliments about me and how good of a kid I am, and I am very proud about that. Lastly, I think that ssp is a great and fun time if you pick a place that you think you can deal with. Im sure that people probly had worst jobs then me, but everyone still mad a big difference on different peoples

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